Thursday, August 4, 2011

Degrade hairstyles.

I don't really have that much time to look on internet the new trends but everytime I can I go into and there I've seen one of them: The degrade hair.

    I actually realy like it. 

By the way I don´t think this is the actual name so if someone knows the real name. Please let me know!


Choiii said...

its called ombre hair :)

Black Pearls said...

I want to do this to my hair. But I'm not sure if its going to look right since my hair is curly and not that long. cool post !
xoxo asiahlynn

Ife. said...

I love the look of ombre hair (when it goes from dark to light!!) Just wanted to let you know that ive changed my blog name and URL so please check out my blog and follow :)x

Fabi said...

i would love to do something like that to my hair, but i think i'll never have the courage to do it.. oh well..

follow youu♥

TSmoothie said...

I love the degrate hairs, especially with brown to a warm orange :)

Mariamma C. said...

I agree! I hadn't thought about the colored degrade hair being the same style as the brown to blind kind, but you're right. And I love it all! I'm not brave enough to do it myself though :).