Monday, September 5, 2011

I´m back here and back in Canada

WOW! Such a long time since the last time I wrote. This summer had been so busy (and awesome) for me. Hanging out with the friends that I have since I was 3 years old - which I missed so much last winter - partying, swimming and enjoying summer as much as posible.

Right now I´m back in Canada. Ottawa is my city this time. And what can I say? I´m alredy in love with this city! The best of everything... They have a Forever 21 shop that oppened two days ago! I can´t wait to visit it.

Now that winter is coming and the bad weather too, I guess I will espend more time at home. Which means more posting!

I hope all you had a great summer!

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ronan said...

sounds like you had a great summer! it's definitely gone too fast though xxx