Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pooch funny pack.

This is an emergency post. I´m right now in my kitchen, talking with my dad while he is cooking. I was looking for stuff for ittle dogs when I found this. And I just thounght "I HAVE TO BLOG THIS".

In the description of this, it says that is really usefull for people that likes to run but has little dogs that can get tired easy. It also says that your dog wil be thankfull and happy. Really? I don´t think this is confy for the dog or the person. When I see this picture I just can imagin the dog jumping in the bag while the girl is runing. It can be funny to watch but not really confy to wear. 
Please if your dog is little just have short walks but don´t do this to him!!

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Mariamma C. said...

haha, I'm glad you posted this. Made me laugh :)