Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This last days I had not time at all to sit down and think about a new post. But fortunately, new ideas for posts are coming all the time throught my mind. So today, finally I found a bit of time and... here I am!

Today, I´m gonna add a new post to the secction "trips". This last one was from Victoria to Las Vegas. I have to say that saying good bye to Victoria, after 10 months living there wasn´t easy at all.
We stayed in Vegas for four days and in that time we also visited the Grand Canyon. It was awesome!

Right now I´m back in Madrid (Spain) enjoying the sun and the swimmingpool (I kind of miss the Canadian beachs ). Also visiting lots of friends that I haven´t seen for so long and going to grandma`s place to eat delicious Spanish food.  I´m loving this summer!

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