Friday, June 10, 2011

Donate clothes!

Couple weeks ago I started searching on internet for places where I could donate clothes. And there is a lot! Charity places, churches and even second hand stores. Some of them give you some money when they sell your clothes.
  Last week the called from Big Brothers and Big Sisters to ask if we had some stuff to donate. It was perfect! What I needed, when I needed and they where coming here to pick it up!
But anyway, what I wanna tell you today guys is that there is places to donate clothes, shoes and even warehouse everywhere! And knowing that the new season is already here and we have a lot of things from the past summer that we are probably not gonna wear again why not to donate them? We all have lots of clothes that we don't wear since years; they are not fashionable anymore and they are taking space in our closet. And with a bit of luck they will come to your house to pick them up so you don't even have to carry them wherever you are donating them. 
So please, whatever you have that you are not using anymore just donate it! 

I have no more time today but I will give you the links to some websites with information of where and when to donate.

 Now I have to keep doing my nails. Prom is tomorrow!   


Luciana Carvalho said...

Nice innitiative!!! Besos!!

Lucía said...

en mi casa de vez en cuando hacemos limpieza de armario y nos deshacmeos de lo que no queramos y siempre lo llevamos a un sitio que hay aqui en santiago, que ees para gente que lo necesita y tiene alguna enfermedad o algo.

todo el mundo deberia donar la ropa!

un besin