Monday, June 13, 2011


Saturday afternoon: Excitement, makeup, nail polish and hairspray.

Saturday night: Lots of people, dresses and fancy cars at the entrance. Inside even more people, lots of food, drinks, ice-cream, candies, DJ's, dance floor, a rock band, karaoke.

Saturday night (later): lots of  laughing and dancing, pain in the feet. Fortunately I had some flats in my purse.

Saturday night (even later) : less people but still quite a lot, a photo booth and lots of pictures.

Saturday night (way more later): Prom is over and outside is really cold. (this is Canada; what did you expect? )

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1 comment:

Lucía said...

mi graduacion no fue tan emocionante!!! seguro que lo pasaste genial!!!
1 besazo!!!