Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY: easy, fast and the cutest!

So here I am (as I promised) with a quick and easy DIY.
I did it on Sunday when I was going to the beach and I realized I had nothing to wear. I'm in a kind of  fashion crisis. I had no summer clothes! Well, I guess I have some, but there are all in Spain. When I packed my clothes to came here I didn't think that it could get warm. And I can't really buy new clothes because:
1st I have no more space in my suitcases (actually I have to donate some clothes; I will tell you about that in other post)
2nd  I have no much money to expend in new clothes. This two months I have to pay a lot of things for prom (which is just in two weeks!!) besides all my usual expenses.

Anyway, last Sunday, in the middle of my fashion crisis I wanted so badly to have a new vest and it was perfect to go to the beach since here is not THAT warm. So here is how I did it and the results:

  • You only need a old shirt and some scissors
  • Cut one of the sleeves
  • Cut the other one
  • and...  et voilà

Have you guys done any DIY recently ?

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Lucía said...

Me encanta cuado enseñais este tipo de cosas que podemos hacer nosotras mismas en casa, pero yo nunca me atrevo jaja. Tengo miedo de estropear la prenda y quedar sin nada :p

un beso