Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have the feeling that this is gonna be a really long post.

It feels like I don't have time for anything. I have a list with the things that I wanna talk about in this blog and believe me, it is a really long list. But this weeks it seems like I never have time to post. So today I am going to talk about the two last weekends.
First of all, the most important thing: MY ART SHOW!!
Well, it wasn't totally mine. All the art students in my school had at least one picture in this show. But anyway, it was the first time that some of my pictures were being shown (besides the walls of my home). I have to say they are not really good if you compare them with the other pictures at the show. There is people so talented in my art class!

The rest of both weekends I've been at the harbor drinking hot chocolate and listening to the street musicians if it was could and at the beach if it was hot. So here you have some pictures:

 So, I know my weekend wasn't so fashion related (but for that awesome cropped top from Zara and a DIY that I will talk about in the next post) but I just feel like sharing it with you.

Oh! By the way! I am just totally addicted to Polyvore so if any of you is also there just add me as a contact! If you are not in Polyvore you should really get started! Especially if you are a fashionista.  So here is the link:

I hope you all had a good weekend too!

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mara said...

great post and lovely pictures :)