Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's dance the last dance.

I haven't been posting so often, I know. And in the last two weeks I've been doing things that kind of remind me to different fashion issues. So here is one of them:

The last week, in Thursday, I had the spring dance (the last dance) at my high school. I had no idea of what to wear and I couldn't buy anything new because this month I have no much money left. So I resolve my problem with a Hollister skirt and jacket, a Forever XXI T-shirt, tights and flats. Some of the girls were wearing heels but I prefer not to wear them since I only have ones and they are for Prom.  So here is the result of my mix:

I'm quite happy with the result. It looks so springlike and it was so comfy!  But I think that another girl was wearing something that looked similar, or maybe she had curly hair too, because two different people thought that I was other girl.

So what about you guys? Are you also getting ready for the summer?


Fabi said...

awww I love your shoes :)!!

Ifee. said...

You look really lovely! x

Amy McMillan said...

Cute outfit :)


Hi dear!!! I miss you on my blog! ;)
I LOVED your skirt! It´s so summer!!! Here in brasil is winter, sooo... hahahhaa
Kisses honey! You´re always so cute!!!