Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to dress depending of what you are gonna buy.

It had been a really long time since the last time I posted!  The weather is nicer and now I don't really expend time at home; but today I'm sick so I have a lot of time to post.

Yesterday I went shopping for a prom dress. I was wearing my Dr Marteens and I realized how tiring is to put them off every time I had to try a dress. So I decided to make a post about the importance of wear comfortable clothes depending of what you are gonna buy.

If you are going to a street market the best is to wear a skirt and a bikini because most of the times they don't have fitting rooms. This way you can try the cloths before you buy them.

street market

street market by Lullaby me featuring flower tops

If you are looking for shoes you should wear shoes easy to put off. The kind of shoes depends of the kind of shoes that you are gonna buy: if they are gonna need socks then you should wear Converse or if they don't need socks then you should wear flats.

looking for shoes

looking for shoes by Lullaby me featuring leather wrap bracelets

And finally, if you are looking for a dress, the best thing you can wear is a comfy skirt and flats. Seriously, wear Dr Marteens is the worst thing you can ever do when looking for a dress.
looking for a dress

looking for a dress by Lullaby me featuring tribal jewelry

Do you dress depending of what are you gonna buy? What do you use to wear?


Sarah said...

The last set is beautiful!

La infinita esencia. said...

me encantan el primer y ultimo outfit, son geniales, me inspiran un monton

envying your closet said...

Buen post! La verdad que como vayas con algo dificil de quitar y poner es un autentico royo ir de compras!

Por cierto, los outfits son buenisimos! :)

Loca por los tacones said...

me gustan mucho los tres looks,pero quizá el tercero el que más...adoro las bailarinas..jaja
Loca por lo tacones

Melina said...

love all of those picks!

Lucía said...

Muy bueno el post, yo normalmente si que intento pensar que me pongo según a donde vaya. Sobre todo si voy a comprar calzado o me tengo que probar algun vestido!

PD: el bolso es de Primark, dentro de poco hablaré de él más en profundidaz



Hi dear! I love the combination that you make here!!! I love when i saw your comente on my blog! I dont care about you coment always or not! Take easy! hahahaha You are a sweetheart!
Kisses from Brasil