Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY: Customized backpack

A couple months ago I posted about how much I wanted a leather backpack (click here to see that post). But I haven't found anyone around here.
Last month, in a rainy Sunday (like most Sundays here), walking around on a mall, I saw a beautiful backpack. It only had a thing that I didn't really liked: it wasn't a leather one. So, I decided to buy it an customize it. And here are the results:
The patches came already included but I did the colorful rings that close the pockets. I used color threads, the same ones that I use to make bracelets. I also used a bracelet technique to make them. But I'm not so good at   explaining this things so I found a video for you.

 So, once you know how to make the spiral bracelet yo have to do it around the rings of the backpack. You also can do it around the cords or even on your own hair to decorate it! So many belts have this rings too so you also can customize them. There is a hundred things you can customize using this cheap and easy technique.  

If you customize something send me a picture please. I really wanna see your ideas.
Let's get it started!

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Lucía said...

Qué guay! te quedo genial la mochila. Yo tengo ganas de una, pero en marrón ejje