Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding. (Not in my sketchbook; the real one)

   So as all of you know, yesterday was the royal wedding. But when it happened it was 3am in here so I just waited until  today to watch it. And what can I say? I really love it!

First of all, the dress was totally amazing! So much better that the ones that I designed, obviously. I really liked the tiara. It wasn't too big but it was shiny. It was actually the only shiny thing of the outfit. The shape of the dress was so nice and I liked so much the long, lace  sleeves. I found it original; almost all the wedding dresses that I've seen the last 7 months are strapless. (I've been seeing so many shows about weddings and wedding dresses)

I also liked the bride's sister dress. It was white and quite simple but so beautiful anyway. 

 I'm not sure if I liked the Queen's outfit. It wasn't my favorite color (yellow) and the hat that she was wearing kind of reminded me to a cake. But she is the queen of England and I'm sure she has the best stylist of the country so who I am to criticize her dress?

Someone who really should ask for a stylist before they go to a wedding are this two girls:


I don't even know who they are but look at them hats! Oh my God! How is the nude one able to stay in that position?  And the blue one? Is just such a horrible garment!  Not even Lady Gaga will wear this. 
As soon as I saw it I thought about doing a post for my section "Could someone pull out my eyes please?". But then I thought it was going to be better to have all together in a same post.

So guys, let's use our selective memory to forget such a crime against the fashion and to remember the beautiful things of the wedding.


Fabi said...

oh my god!!! she was amazing in that dress! sarah burton did an amazing job!

Sher said...

i love that they did a second kiss on the balcony! so sweet:)

Mariamma C. said...

woah! those two hats are great! So funny! :)