Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage clothing: Shops and clothes.

Usually the Sundays are my "Me, my self and I" day but, this Friday we haven't had school. So, this morning I took with me my camera and I went down town looking for the inspiration of a great post. Here is the result of my day. Well, actually, I should say results (plural) because today I had four wonderful ideas for posts. I think I should go by my self to down town more often.

Before I started my tour of the vintage shops I wanted to eat some lunch, so I went to china town. There I found a quite weird restaurant that was almost empty but it looked good. And it was!
After my great noodle soup I went to the first vintage shop of my tour. It's amazing how much time I can expend on this shops. I think is great to find things that you know nobody else in the school is gonna wear or just to watch clothes that look from a couple decades ago. Is like if they are little museums of clothes, accessories and sometimes other stuff like CD's or books.

So guys, of you have any vintage shop close you totally should go! You never know what you can find.

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Loca por los tacones said...

adoro las tiendas vintages, las de Madrid son escasas, pero al parecer en Londres hay bastantes, yo me volveria loca.
besos y feliz finde guapa!

Loca por lo tacones