Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY: destroyed shorts.

So today I'm gonna talk about another " Do it yourself". I know the last post was also about one but I really like them. Isn't it so awesome to create your own clothes and accessories? Well, I think it is. You can design, create and wear it and it is so much cheap that buy it. Which is great if you are student, you don't work and you don't have that much money.  So here it is the DIY of today; the destroyed shorts.
You need:

  • And old jean. If its pockets are made with a patterned fabric is even better.
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or fabric marker   
Now you just decide how short you want them. You have to thin that, after you cut them, you can fold the end or leave it like it is so it looks destroyed. Some people says that is better to cut them wile you are wearing them, but I thing it is kind of dangerous. I wanna cut the jeans , no my legs!
Onces you have decided where to cut them you just cut them. Then you can make little cuts in the front and in the back or you can leave it like it is so it look more serious. Then you can make another cut where the pockets are, so you will see the pockets through the cut. Finally, you just wash it in the washing machine to make it more destroyed and ALL DONE!
Is really easy and quick and you recycle old jeans and have new shorts for the new season. 

This is the final appearance of my DIY. They look great with tights and my new Dr Martens. 

Now I have to thank two people. The first one is Fracncisca. She had been interested in my blog and introduced it in a web and blog directory. You can vist her web clicking here or by the the link than is under the tittle Mujeres. Thanks Francisca!

I also have to thank Patti from because she gave me my first award. Thanks Patti!

So now I have to give this award to the last nine people that post a comment. And the winners are :

Congratulations to all of you and thanks for read my blog. 
Oh! By the way. Sorry if I'm not posting any comments on your blogs this last few days but I have no time. Sometimes I can't even create new posts for my new blog!



Loca por los tacones said...

yo también he " destrozado" algún qe otro jean así y luego me los he puesto muchisimo...te han quedado genial...
felicidades por tu premio y muchisimas gracias por concedermelo a mi, me hace muchisima ilusion, muchas gracias, de verdad.
un beso guapa!!!

Loca por lo tacones


Hi darling, You dont have to say soory to me... Please...
I liked this short, I´ll make that too!!! Destroyed!!! I loved the ideia!!!
Kisses from Brasil Darlingggg...
New post on my blog:
Beijo, beijo

Lucía said...

Guapa! Muchisimas gracias por el premio!
Me ha hecho muchisima ilusión!
Gracias, gracias y gracias!!
un besazo enorme!

Silkybow said...

great diy! :D
I think it's a great idea because worn out jeans can come to handy :D

Lucía said...

GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS!!! NO SABES QUE ILUSION ME HACE!!! lo publicare en la proxima entrada!! muchas gracias por el DIY! voy a ver si me hago unos!!

Choiii said...

Thank you sooo much, my first award ever, made me very happy :)