Thursday, March 17, 2011

Starting to pack some stuff.

As you already know my mom is coming this Monday and we are going to Seattle for a couple days. So, because I'm kind of fussy  I'm gonna start  packing today. Maybe you think is so early but it takes really long to me to make sure that I have everything that I need. I like to follow some steps:

  1. Make a list of the outfits that I'll wear. (Just if it is for a short trip)
  2. Make a list of every garment that goes is the suitcase organized in groups ( T-shirts, jeans...) 
  3. Make a list of the things that I'll carry in my toilet bag
  4. Make a list of the most important things; the ones that go in my bag/ backpack (passport, cell phone, i-pod, some candies...)
  5. Roll the clothes ( this way they take less place) and put them in the suitcase as I cross them out of my list.
  6. Put the underwear, socks and all the little things in the small spaces between the clothes.
  7. Fit wherever I can my shoes and my toilet bag.
  8. Fill my bag/ backpack with all the important things
  9. Review all my lists a couple times and make sure I have everything
  10. Ready to go!!
You can see they are so many steps so it use to take me three or four days. Sometimes even more! 

This year I have the honor to be the bearer of  The Bag from Nepal. This is a big bag that my parents bought so many years ago in Nepal. We use to carry it in the suitcase and if we don't have enough place for everything when we are gonna come back we use put some stuff in there.

Only one day left for the Spring Break and three to see my mom! Oh my Gosh I'm so excited!

1. Man for the name address etc.
2. "My little jewel case"  Salvador Bachiller.
3, "My little toilet bag" Salvador Bachiller.
4. The Bag from Nepal 

 So, are you like me? Or you just put in the suitcase the first thing you see?


Loca por los tacones said...

aunque sean pocos días siempre hacer la maleta es una aventura...jajajja
y siempre al menos yo, me llevo la casa acuestas, por si acaso, pienso siempre...jajajja
besos y que lo pases bien guapa!

Loca por lo tacones

Lucita said...

bueno en ese caso normal que aun sigas pensando en medias en lugar de en quitartelas ;)

un besin guapaa


Have a great trip, beautiful! All the lists are really very important!
Another tip is ideal: Don´t do the mail at the last minute! ;)
I want to see pics from this trip, ã!
Kisses from Brasil...

Belle de jour said...

Gosh I am such a disaster when it comes to packing! I kind of try to plan my outfits but I always miss something! it's terrible; so I tried making lists of thigs I MAY forget hahaha funny right?
have fun in Seattle!
xx :D

Lucía said...

es muy buena idea eso de hacer una lista pero a mi nunca me funciona... siempre acabo llevandomelo TODO! y asi no se puede viajar.... jajajajajaja
besos enormesss preciosa!!