Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cabaret at Belmont.

Today, the art, drama and the different  music groups  were invited to the cabaret of the high school, called "Love". We all participated in the scenery and soundtrack of the show; that;s why we were invited to go there.
Here is what I think about it:

First of all the scenery. It was ok. There were four  main sections:

  1. The orchestra. It was quite simple but it looked good . There was a place for the musicians to sit and behind that they were some of the pictures that we (the art group) made for this show. Over the heads of the musicians there was a basket ( the show was is the gym) that the other art group had camouflage with a pretty sculpture of a turkey
  2. The two spaces for the little bands (drums + keyboard + guitar + singer). They were no decorated at all.
  3. The main stage. Here is where all the daces occurred.
  4. The second stage, were almost all the history happened.

The theme was, obviously, love. But it wasn't a good story; just the typical one of guy meets girl. Fortunately the story wasn't a big part of  the show. It was more important the music and dances.

The dances were completely horrible. I'm sorry to said that; actually I'm feeling right now like a bad person, but is the true. The dancers were uncoordinated and some of them looked very lost. Only one of the dances was good, actually very good. In this one a guy equipped with a hat, withe socks even the shiny glove danced like Michael Jackson wile another guy was singed one of his songs. It was awesome! And because of the sound of the applauses I can tell you that everybody really liked it.

And, finally my favorite part: the music. It was just so amazing. A bunch of different people playing and singing    all together.  They were all kinds of music; from classic music to rock. And the actuations of the bands were so great. But the best was watching people who likes the heavy metal music singing slow, romantic songs. That's the last thing you'll think about them is that they'll sing this kind of song, but they actually do that really well.

So, this is basically all my critique about the show. And I wanna say that even knowing that I didn't like the theme and the dances I really enjoyed the show. Good job Belmont!

This post reminds me that a couple weeks ago I started to watch Cabaret. And I say started because I didn't finished it. It was so boring! Even for me that I love musical movies. 

So what about you? Have you seen any good show in the last couple days?

Spectators at the Cabaret, 1911  by  emil nolde (1867-1956) 

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Loca por los tacones said...

me gustan muchisimo los musicales, pero hace tiempo que no asisto a ninguno, la verdad que en Madrid estos ultimos tiempos ha habido muchos y muy buenos, los he visto casi todos y me queda por ver, mi preferido...los miserables....pero la falta de tiempo o de organización, de momento no he podido hacerlo. lo he visto ya en otras ciudades..pero en Madrid no...asi que a ver si antes que finalice puedo hacerlo.

Loca por lo tacones