Friday, October 14, 2011

When things have a name.

I've been thinking about posting this for a while now but I've had two problems:

  • Porblem number 1. I'm having a lot of homework this week.
  • Problem number 2. I didn´t know how to describe what I wanna tell you about. It didn't had a name, and when things are not named it is difficult to talk about them
So, one of this days that you are trying to focus in class but you just can't, the inspiration came to me. What I'm doing is a mixure of a diary and a scrapbook, and that was when I decided to call it Skrapary
And this is how everything started:
Few weeks ago I started feeling not so creative. I don't use the water colors anymore, I wasn't blogging or sketching designs, I don't even have a wall of awesome right now! So I decided that if I can't explain my self in a wall of awesome I should have something diary-like. But not exactly a diary; I don't wanna be writting Today, I've eat carrot cake (because it is actually how I would write a diary since I don't have a really exciting life) The result of all this thinking is my Skrapary where i writte or paste something or both every day. 


P.S: I've been talking today a lot about the Wall of Awesome. If you wanna know more, clik here

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