Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hat maniac.

I have to admit that hats are my obsesion (also shoes, sweaters and now also, the color green). So I'm so happy of living this year in the third coldest capital of the world.

And obviously I need a box for all of them

By the moment I just have for but I'm totally sure that I will buy more this winter.

 I've been already checking out the malls around here and OMG. This is just so different from Victoria. First of all here we have more than 2 malls and they are BIG.  So I already know what I will be doing in two or three months from now, when everything is snowed and cold. 

I'm also getting ready for my trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls next friday. I'm so excited for that. I will tell you more about this next week.


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Mai said...

The first one suits you really well!