Thursday, June 23, 2011

And today I stepped in a gum.

I'm already in summer vacations! The last days had been expended in walks around the harbor, shopping for swim suits and going to the beaches. And today... well, today I stepped in a gum.
Everything started when I was walking to the bus stop with my old, dirty and since a couple months broken Converse. Suddenly I felt something in the sole of my shoe. A gum! eeeew! So I've been walking around all Victoria with a gum in my right shoe while all kinds of  little rocks, papers and leafs were getting stuck on it. And you know what? It feels kind of funny. You can actually feel all that stuff stuck in the shoe and if you are in a mall you can hear how the gum gets stuck in the floor; which is actually kind of gross but cool.

I know that the summary of my day is a bit odd but I just feel like sharing it.


P.S: the gum is still stuck in my shoe.


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Lucía said...

odio ccuando se me pega algun chicle a las suela de mis zapatos!!!! pero la culpa es de la gente por tirarlos al suelo! jajaj