Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese tribe.

I don't know if it was because in the last week I hear everyday something new about Japan, or because today I expended most of my art class talking with my Japanese classmate about clothes but today I decided to talk about the fashion and the tribes in Japan.

One of the most simple ones are the Gayrus. They are so fashion. They use to wear expensive clothes and accessories. Her air is blond and they use to wear so much make up.

Ganguro. They like to have dark skin but they don't get it staying at sunny places; they use to buy products that make your skin darker. They like the hip-hop music.

Mamba/Yamamba. This ones like exaggerated Ganguros. They have even darker skin and they use to wear circles of light make-up arround the eyes like the panda bears. They also have light hair.

The Decorers use to wear pink clothes and so many plastic accessories; specially in the hair.  They kind of look like kids. And I just read that they use to make her own clothes.

 Gothic Lolita . They are like big dolls dressed with Victorian dark dresses. At the beginning they made them own clothes but it became a really extended tribe so now, they have shops. They are based on the magazine Gothic&Lolita Bible.

Probably the most famous ones are the Lolitas. They are like sweet Gothic Lolitas. They use to wear big, light colored dresses. They are the tribe that has more fans.

Wamono. In my opinion, they are the less famous ones. His style is based on mix traditional Japanese  cloths with occidental ones.

But this is only a small part of all the tribes. And inside of each tribe there is so many different groups. All of them use to met the Sundays in Harajuku park, Tokyo.




Mamba/ Yamamba


Gothic Lolita


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8. My sister and I, two years ago in Harajuku park.

So, do you like them? Do you have a favorite one?


Loca por los tacones said...

Hola guapa!!!
este post es genial...que looks tan atrevidos, pero me gustan mucho y los maquillajes!!!1
un beso fuerte y feliz día!

Loca por lo tacones


Hola guapa,
Yo estuve el verano pasado en Japón y me quedé maravillada. Es un país y una cultura maravillosa!